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Annual Red Tent
~ Sat, March 24, 2018

Our Community

Here are some of the ways a woman can become involved with the Sisterhood

Membership in the Temple

Our members are women who have gone through our screening process and are then invited to attend Temple functions such as our monthly Full Moon Gatherings, our Annual Founder's Day Red Tent & Artemis Rites. Members are considered Sisters of the Temple. Please email us at for more information about the Temple, attending meetings and membership.

Students of the Temple

Students of our Temple travel on a number of paths. Some ladies want to learn about Paganism and Dianic Traditions - this is our Seekers Path and it takes 13 months (a year and a day) to complete. Many women want to follow the path to becoming a Priestess of the Goddess. This Path takes three years to complete. The three student Priestess levels include Dedicant, Initiate and Postulant, and they each last for thirteen moons (1 year). There are also Temple & community service requirements for this path. All students must be Sisters of the Temple before being allowed to embark on any path of study with us.

Priestesses of the Temple

There are a number of Priestess Groups within our Circle: High Priestesses - the members of the Dark Moon Council - our governing body - and the Priestesses Emeritus are our current High Priestesses and they are all ordained by the Sisterhood and hold legal ministerial credentials with the State of Florida.

Initated Priestesses are comprised of two groups of women: those who have successfully completed our Priestess Program, this can include being ordained; and, those women who ask to be Priestesses who have a proven track record as a leader in their own Tradition with references from their Elders. All these ladies are members of the Sisterhood who regularly attend & help facilitate our Moons and other events proving their commitment and dedication.