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Annual Red Tent
~ Sat, March 24, 2018

Our Community

The Dark Moon Council, is the governing body of the Temple of the Sisterhood of Ahel Adom. It is made up of three High Priestesses, one of whom is a founding member of this Eclectic Dianic Women's Group. The Priestesses listed below are involved in the administering of the Temple & it's school, teaching students and doing community service.

En-Diana Le Fey

Everything Is Sacred. I have been a practicing pagan, shaman & witch for 16 years. Introduced to the Craft by the Lady Demeter and the Lord Angus of Under the Stars Metaphysical Store in June of 1994, I began my unofficial training - for Demeter knew before I did that I am a witch.

En-Chahanpi Melissae

I am a Native American Third Road Faerie Medicine Woman. I am also a Priestess of Artemis, (Being a Virgo and given the birth name of Melissa, I guess it was a gift from conception!) so needless to say I am extremely Nature oriented and actively participate in it.

En-Iasis Kalliope

I currently hold the position of Temple Secretary/Treasurer. I am a High Priestess, ordained clergy on the Pagan path, and a member of Moonpath Circle. I am the Founder of Pee Wee Pagans, Goddess and Me and Teen Pagans, educational groups for pagan children from birth to 17 years old.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." — Margaret Fuller.