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Annual Red Tent
~ Sat, March 24, 2018

Our Community

Membership in the Temple

Our members are women who have gone through our screening process and are then
invited to attend Temple functions such as our monthly Full Moon Gatherings, our Annual Founder’s Day Red Tent & Artemis Rites. Members are considered Sisters of the Temple.

Please email us at for more information about the Temple, attending meetings and membership.


I want to thank The Sisterhood of the Ahel Adom. Tonight was so very special to me, I will never forget tonight. I went in with no expectations and left having felt like I found myself and the sisters I always wished I had but never didā¤ all the work that was put into tonight, every painstaking detail was beautiful and so soulful and so very appreciated. You did so many things tonight. With each candle you lit, each hand you touched and every word you shared- filled hearts, healed wounds, calmed fears, gave purpose and spread love. I’m not sure what outcome you hoped for, but for this girl right here, every last one of you created an opportunity for me to have a spiritual experience that was so full and complete I’m smiling from the inside out. Thank you again so much. Love you all   Thank you again, we accomplished everything we set out to create, I am honored to call you my sisters.    J.G.