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Annual Red Tent
~ Sat, March 24, 2018

Our Community

We are the Sisters of The Temple of Ahel Adom.
We are the mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. We are united in the mysticism of the Goddess. We are the Shamans, Healers, Walkers with the Dead, Sacred Whores; We are the Divine Feminine. We are the Daughters o f the Goddess and we stand united in the Darkness and Light of Her Divine Spark.
~Iasis Kalliope

Our Mission

The creation of The Sisterhood of Ahel Adom, Inc. is an exercise in freedom. As a spiritual and educational group, we are dedicated to the preparation and guidance of the next generation of Priestesses by restoring faith in ourselves and in one another. We endeavor to reclaim and then nurture the bonds of womankind, rejecting any falsehoods that have been perpetuated by the Age, embracing the truths of our individual beauty and power and in so doing, accept the mantle of the Goddess. We are dedicated to crafting a safe, supportive atmosphere in which to express ourselves as individuals, and to discover, protect, and care for our individual needs in both the mundane and the magickal realms.

Dianic Traditions, Women's Mysteries and Goddess Spirituality

Our Temple is an Eclectic Dianic group dedicated to women. We practice and teach Women’s Mysteries and Goddess spirituality, Earth-centered and Pagan religious practices, and celebrate Esbats and the eight Sabbats, as well as train women who want to serve the Goddess as Priestesses. We also work with a number of local Pagan groups, such as Moonpath CUUPS, Moonpath Circle, and Enchanted Eduation, in order to stay connected to the larger community of like-minded groups and individuals.