Coming Events

Monthly Moon Presentation
~ Sat October 7, 2017

More to come............ Please return in the near future.
Annual Day of the Dead Rite
~ Sat November 4, 2017

More to come........... Please return in the near future.
Annual Animal Protection Ritual with Otsana
~ Sat November 11, 2017

More to come.......... Please return in the near future.

Our Community

Our Priestesses
Temple Priestesses
Moonday, Luna Azul, Shae’l, Diana LeFey, Otsana Azura, Chahanpi Melissae, Alba Luna Opal Stellar, Silver MoonSong and Iasis Kalliope,

Active Temple Priestess
Our template priestess actively precipitates in the temple and the pagan community as healers, environmental activists, spiritual leaders, teachers, and ordained ministers.
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High Priestess Emeritus
The Sisterhood has two High Priestesses Emeritus at this time, En-Ash the Silent and En-Saille Honor. These Priestesses, after years of dedicated work within the group have chosen to relinquish their posts to better pursue their Cronehood and Wise Women activities within the Pagan community.
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